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Mountain passes and the best restaurant in Thailand 19.09.2011
Avoiding taxis and scooters in Bali 15.09.2011
Taking a break from travelling 12.09.2011
Early morning departure + Full flight = A long travel day 11.09.2011
A quiet day in Bangkok 10.09.2011
A leisurely departure from Cambodia 09.09.2011
Touching 2,000 years of history 08.09.2011
An unchallenging travel day 07.09.2011
Snake bridges and eclectic passengers 06.09.2011
Angry temple dogs and streets littered with $100 bills 05.09.2011
Offerings to the Black Lady 04.09.2011
Returning to the bright lights of Phnom Penh 03.09.2011
Busy doing nothing 02.09.2011
Riding a private train through Cambodia 01.09.2011
Whipped in our seats on a picturesque boat ride 31.08.2011
Koh San attempts to destroy the Batmobile 30.08.2011
One country. Three currencies 29.08.2011
Saving the environment costs livelihoods 28.08.2011
Cambodian clubbing in the Batmobile 27.08.2011
A brief remorque tour of Phnom Penh 26.08.2011
Monsoons and rooster tails 25.08.2011
Wet weather rains on our parade 24.08.2011
Tropical Islands of the Imagination 23.08.2011
Surf and Swedes on Kata Beach 22.08.2011
Showcasing a small portion of Bangkok to new arrivals 21.08.2011
Pottering around Bangkok 20.08.2011
Thought to be transporting live vaccines across SE Asia 19.08.2011
Chanting in taxis and avoiding Black Holes 18.08.2011
Attacked by monkeys whilst seeking enlightenment 17.08.2011
Supper in the fourteenth century 16.08.2011
Saddle sores from too much Temple hopping 15.08.2011
Cruising the fabled Ayeyarwady River 14.08.2011
Gladiola sword fights whilst trying to avoid being possessed 13.08.2011
Crashing cars on the ‘Road to Mandalay’ 12.08.2011
In residence at former British Military Intelligence HQ's 11.08.2011
Reflections on a simpler Burmese way of life 10.08.2011
Living the life of the photogenic and famous 09.08.2011
Punished by a vengeful Government for speaking English 08.08.2011
Riding a time machine to Mandalay 07.08.2011
Behind bars in the Stationmasters Office 06.08.2011
Rollercoaster water boarding to reach a Golden Rock 05.08.2011
Temple tour by Tuk-Tuk 04.08.2011
A dome with more gold than the Bank of England 03.08.2011
Golden pagodas and pit strewn pavements 02.08.2011
A week in Thailand. Time for food, beaches and exploration 25.07.2011
Magical mystery tours 24.07.2011
Mugged by Terracotta warriors 23.07.2011
Drum Towers and riding on sidewalks 22.07.2011
Olympic temples and waterfront bars 21.07.2011
Chinese Pole Dancing and the Forbidden City 20.07.2011
Tiananmen Square and exploring Beijing’s remaining hútòngs 19.07.2011
A return to big cities, crowds and toilets 18.07.2011
Chinese train and new bogeys 17.07.2011
Ulaanbaatar Road Trip 16.07.2011
Hot Springs and Monasteries 15.07.2011
Epic road trip to the Hot Springs 14.07.2011
Boundless solitude at the world’s largest campsite 13.07.2011
Drinking with Nomads at a twenty mile horse race 12.07.2011
Bare-chested men, Mongol warriors and dancing girls 11.07.2011
Incompetent pickpockets and Yak tails 10.07.2011
Mongolian cornish pasties 09.07.2011
Time to reflect on our Trans-Siberian experience 08.07.2011
Melancholy at leaving our Siberian island 07.07.2011
Banya, birching and Lada pirouettes 06.07.2011
New friends enjoy desolation and despair in Siberia 05.07.2011
Picnicking our way to China 04.07.2011
Babushka’s, Lenin and Vodka 03.07.2011
The Romanov execution site and swapping sleeping companions 02.07.2011
East to Siberia and beyond 01.07.2011
Art and ballet. Our last day in Moscow 30.06.2011
Dead bodies and culture. A typical day in Moscow 29.06.2011
Onto Moscow and the massed tourist hordes of Red Square 28.06.2011
Exploring rain soaked monastery caves 27.06.2011
Sunday, a day of leisure 26.06.2011
Deported from a country that does not exist 25.06.2011
A journey back in time to the poorest country in Europe 24.06.2011
Monks in glass coffins 23.06.2011
Tips, Boats and Beer 22.06.2011
Concrete cities and Caspian caviar 21.06.2011
Riding on Trams with locals 20.06.2011
World's most expensive toilet, the Danish flag and Elk Soup 19.06.2011
White nights, castles and cathedrals 18.06.2011
Buses, Old Town and Pancakes 17.06.2011
Dinner in the Sky and a dark, comic opera 16.06.2011
Balneological exploration on the Baltic Riviera 15.06.2011
Gunpowder, Goblins and Blackheads 14.06.2011
Cycling to Šiauliai and on to Riga, comrade 13.06.2011
North to Šiauliai 12.06.2011
Genocide and Old Town 11.06.2011
Train ride to Vilnius 10.06.2011
Old Town and Uprisings 09.06.2011
Geordies, Lovely Men and Mines 08.06.2011
A harrowing visit to Oświęcim 07.06.2011
To the East 06.06.2011